Saturday, February 16, 2008

My first bird digiscoping attempts

I was hardly prepared for these. I was actually on a date and did not have my adapter to mount my camera to the scope so just hastily snapped a bunch of photos of this eagle at Prescott, WI on January 26th

I did have my camera (Fuji Finepix F650) at nearly full zoom (5x) and my scope is a Fuji Super 60 (angled) w/ a fixed 25x eyepiece. It has super long eye relief and so vignetting is not a problem, but the slow shutter release is (without a mount anyway)


Aaron Friday said...

Dude, that's a bald eagle! Awesome!

How did the date turn out?

AikiBudo said...

Yup, a Bald Eagle. It's no biggie for an experienced birder - I see at least one almost every time I go out birding - didn't even think that it was too special - spoiled I guess we are now - eagles are doing quite well in MN - over 1300 nesting pairs these days! They like to hang out by the river near the open water in winter.

The date was pretty fun but we weren't a good match so have gone our separate ways...I'm pretty picky these days. After being in and out of two marraiges, I am not real eager to get another steady these days anyways, and I'm not into comprimises - been there, done that and I'm single to show for it!

I know you are happily married - a too rare commodity today, it seems. But you count your blessings, and know what you've got so power to you both!

And thanks for checking out my new blog.

Aaron Friday said...

Yeah, I know what I've got. Marriage was not on my radar until I met Fawn. It was perfect, so I went with it. Sometimes, you need to trust what the universe gives you and just go with it. Sometimes, you need to be a hard ass and go your own way. Trusting your gut is the only thing that seems to work.

I don't have an interest in birds, but I like having them around except in the Hitchcock sense. Keep up this blog. The only thing that matters is if you are energized by doing it. Blogs are great that way. You post an ingenious and satisfying message, no one responds, and you are still glad for having written it.

AikiBudo said...

Thanks, again Aaron.

Once I started blogging, I did have the urge to talk about birds & nature but figured my exercise blog was not the right place for it.

The hardest part so far was coming up with a damn name for it that I liked (wasn't too complicated or dorky)!

I am re-discovering my interest in photography and look forward to posting my efforts here as well. I got myself a digital camera and photoshop and am enjoying the new learning curve. I have barely ventured beyond my backyard with it yet but spring is coming!

I am also finding I have an urge to write and will continue to post to satisfy that urge as well.

I plan to tell a larger audience about this blog soon so may get a few more comments from the birding world soon.

As far as relationships, I'm glad you two are happy and made the right choice with one another.

I know when the time is right for me I'll be involved again and committed in some way, but nothing is on the horizon at the moment and that's OK.