Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Season of Bluebird Nest Monitoring

Since early April, I have been heading out to Afton State Park, volunteering to keep tabs on 10 bluebird next boxes. It has been interesting every week, with something new to offer. I haven't take many photos, but decided to take at least a couple this last time out there, just for the memories. Boxes are often put up in pairs, as Tree swallows will often compete with Bluebirds for the same spot. The two species can often tolerate one another as neighbors, but will not tolerate another of their kind so close. I did not have such an experience with my nests this season, but so goes the theory.

The most intriguing occurance this week was seeing two Monarch butterflies connected in what I assume to be a mating coupling. The 'top' butterfly was able to fly all over the place with relative ease all while remaining attached to the 'bottom' butterfly. That was amazing to me.

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