Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Odds & Ends

While I was in South Central Florida a few weeks back I went out birding with my sister. As we cruised along a long, lonely road in the middle of nowhere we came upon this sight. It was intense and kind of mesmerizing

There were over a hundred Turkey Vultures circling a dead cow in the pasture. I took another brief video because I couldn't zoom in with my little camera:

Here's another clip from Duluth in September. I seem to have a thing about the wind:

Here are a few photos I just liked but they don't have a theme:
Unknown flower (above) - I do know it turns into this: below

Sunflowers in my friends yard
I saw this out in the mud and had capture it - what can I say? It's just weird.

Many of Duluth's Finest birders came out for the possible Pacific Golden-Plover that was chased on September 20th.
Ecobirder & Kim Eckert trying to get a better look

Interesting patterns in the mud - watch out! This is the same mud that nearly swallowed me up and created my picture on the right margin.

The textures & patterns on this large rock fascinated me

The shadows, subtle hues and stark contrast have an appeal to my eye here.

Just a warm & lovely memory for me


Kirk Mona said...

Great vulture video Jim!

Jim Ryan DC, RKC, RI said...

Thanks, Kirk!

Aaron Friday said...

I also loved the vulture video. Very cool